Contact Lens Insertion & Removal Training - Auburn Westboro Eye Assoc.We are so excited that you want to wear contact lenses for the first time! Wearing contacts can feel freeing compared with having to wear glasses directly on your face. We ensure that people who want to start wearing contacts are given the correct prescription and information to make this transition as smooth as possible.

We will take as much time as necessary to help you feel comfortable putting in and taking out the contact lenses. We then give you trial contact lenses to take home and wear for a week or two. Finally, you will return to our office for one of the doctors to check the lenses on your eyes to make sure they fit well, feel great, and your vision is 20/20. If there are any problems with the contact lens we will fix the problem and let you try new contacts. We will continue this process until you are 100% happy.

If you have any questions about contact lens insertion and removal training, Auburn Westboro Eye Associates would love to assist you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (508) 832-9392 – Auburn or (508) 366-7461 – Westboro.