Opticians - Auburn Westboro Eye Associates - Westboro, MA

The Westboro office:

Marianne Murphy has over 30 years experience as a licensed optician and optical stylist. She offers personalized frame and lens selection for all of your optical needs.

Bill Hobin has been a licensed optician for over 30 years. He works hard to make sure everything is perfect with your glasses or sunglasses. He also fixes little things around the office so we often call him Mr. Fix it! Make sure to introduce yourself to Bill today!

Opticians - Auburn Westboro Eye Associates - Auburn, MA

The Auburn office:

Mike Keefe has over 30 years of optical experience with vast technical knowledge. He will offer the best optical performance lenses available today.

Jill Sherman has been a licensed optician for over 30 years, and is a welcome new member to our office. She has a vast knowledge of the hundreds of different kinds of progressive glasses available to make sure you can see the best for your every day life. She will take the time to help you pick out the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses. Make sure to say hi to Jill next time you are at the office!